Meet Kate Dunne

Ever felt not quite right? As though you’re not 100% yourself,
or living your true path? That was me up until my early twenties.

Through natural, holistic wellness and finding a deeper inner connection, I was able to feel like my true self, for the very first time.
Through crystal chakra healing, reiki, deep meditations and yoga,
I slowly felt myself piecing back together to form the true me.

Feeling I was now on my true path for the first time,
I still felt there were parts of me that I couldn’t accept or let go of.

Just as I started to accept these limiting beliefs and emotional
wounds would be with me forever, I was recommended to see a Kinesiologist by a close friend.

Kinesiology changed my life.

Kinesiology helped me work through and let go of emotional wounds and negative self-talk that no longer served me, as well as improve
my current health, state of wellbeing, skin and digestion.

Based on this experience, I found my passion and drive;
to help others the way that Kinesiology helped me.
I’ve recently relocated to Ballarat with my partner and our
Golden Retriever, and feel so grateful and grounded to be surrounded by Ballarat’s beautiful nature.

My local practice aims to support the locals of Ballarat and surrounds,
while also offering online sessions for those who live too far to travel.
My practice draws on my experience with Crystal Chakra Healing, Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology.    

Kate with her cute golden retriever dog at sunrise

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